I acknowledge that the majority of my artistic pursuits on Turtle Island (North America) are situated on the traditional territory of Indigenous nations, specifically, the Kanien'kehá:ka Nations, in Tio’tia:ke (Montreal). I acknowledge and thank the diverse Indigenous people whose footsteps have marked this territory on which peoples of the world now gather, create, and live. 

I acknowledge the histories of slavery, the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and people of African decent; whose creativity, ingenuity and ancestral knowledge was responsible for the birth of jazz. I pay my respects to this body of practice in which I now share.

I commit to amplifying, celebrating, and uplifting voices of marginalized race, gender, ability, class, and other historically oppressed identities in my creative pursuits. I dedicate my career to fighting against systemic oppression through education and action.


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The Conclusion

Sarah Rossy

One year prior to this recording, one of my dearest creative supporters passed away in a tragic accident. The composition “The Conclusion” was written in their honour, and the memory of their spirit gave me the confidence to open my heart once again and release this music.

This series of songs was composed through a major death and rebirth of personal identity. It began with a long term relationship with another artist who I deeply respected and admired. As time progressed, I found myself rotting on the inside from this person’s judgement, belittlement, and privilege. The systemic inequity in this industry became more painfully visible than ever. I was aware of sexism, yet felt ignorantly removed from it until this point, when I experienced it so intimately, face to face with my heart and passion for music. For the first time, my strong and innate drive to create and, at times, live, disappeared.

After a life-changing trip to Berlin, challenging convention with interdisciplinary performance in a supportive FEM-positive environment and having space to open the conversation about these issues, I found that the antidote to this toxic patriarchy existed in the connections formed with other womxn and people of marginalized identities in the arts. A few months later, I was awarded the Eleanor Stubley Recording Prize to collaborate with the incredible sound engineer Jenn Nulsen in her final days in Montreal before moving to New York, and a gender-balanced team of incredible artist-friends.

So, here it is folks, “The Conclusion”: a milestone in the light of personal rebirth, a reminder that endings are also beginnings. Thank you to the beautiful people involved in this healing process.


Gratitude to head engineer Jenn Nulsen for going above and beyond, and to assistant engineer Noëlle Byer, whose love will officially form the ultimate sound wizard marriage duo in 2020.

Thank you to Jon Kaspy for his mountainous mastering and masterful mountain friendship.

Thank you to the beautiful musicians who played on this EP, whose artistry goes beyond words: my one and only Claire, Scott, Tomo, Noémy, Zander, Ethan, Eric, and the members of the vocal ensemble.

Thank you to my family: Joanie, Steve, Jonathan, whose support extends to summits immeasurable, and whose love has only fortified through life’s challenges.

Many thanks to Christine Jensen and Martha de Francisco for their support in the grant application process, and to McGill University for supporting this creation.

In loving memory of Patrick Dupuis-Dufresne.
There will never be another you.
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