Sarah Rossy Chamber Ensemble

Curious vocal melodies dance atop a lush world of strings, woodwinds and percussion to create a colourful soundscape and evocative narrative. Sarah is the recipient of the 2018 Eleanor Stubley Recording Prize for her explorations in gender- and genre-balanced music creation. Don't miss this exciting group! 

Mariant l'harmonie jazz et l’instrumentation symphonique, le Sarah Rossy Chamber Ensemble vous invite dans un paysage sonore envoûtant. Laissez-vous séduire par ses mélodies vocales audacieuses, ses cordes inspirantes et ses rythmes dynamiques. Sarah est la bénéficiaire 2018 du prix Eleanor Stubley pour ses explorations en musique portées sur l’équilibre entre les sexes et les genres. Ne manquez pas ce groupe prometteur !

Sarah Rossy Vocal Ensemble

The Sarah Rossy Vocal Ensemble is a newly formed experimental voice and movement troupe. As many as 15 members gather to interpret original graphic scores, create sonic and visual soundscapes with voice and body. The group's most recent showing, a 75-minute interdisciplinary work-in-progress called "Recollections", was inspired by lived experiences developed through the lens of gender identity and its influences on my artistic path.

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Sarah Rossy Chamber Ensemble; Sarah Rossy Vocal Ensemble; NO COSMOS; McClaudia Quintet; Cole Birney-Stewart Nonet; Rising Signs (NYC); Mawmz; Thanya Iyer; Taylor Donaldson Big Band.


Shyre; Orchestre National de Jazz; McGill Jazz Orchestra I (dir. Christine Jensen); Patrick Watson; Sienna Dahlen; Common Holly; McGill University: Percussion Ensemble, Concert Choir, University Chorus; Effusion a cappella; Jen Shyu; Theo Bleckmann; Fabian Almazan & Linda May Han Oh; Christine Jensen; John Hollenbeck.